Floricolor exists since 1979 as an industrial photographic lab, providing services for professional photographers only. In 2002 we reconverted the lab for the exclusive production of Digital Albums. Till 2007 Iberian Peninsula was the main market. Through the continuous investment in innovation and technology, it was possible over the years to improve the production and human resources towards meeting a very demanding market. Today, more than 25 countries on three continents trust us the production of their services. 

The company was awarded the last six years as PME Líder and the last five year as PME Excelência, status that reflects it's sustained growth. Now, we work on a 6000 square meters facility. For the current year of 2016 we have scheduled several workshops with renown photographers.

Our experience has revealed that we are on the right track. We were able to conquer the Europe facing different languages and cultures and adapting ourselves and products to their particular tastes - we have been extremely successful! 

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