Newbornplaza 2016

Newbornplaza 2016 was a sold-out event!

We had 3 fabulous speakers:
- Harry Stoffelen told us much about marketing and business management.
- Stephanie Lemmens gave a wonderful talk about photography in pregnancy.
- Brenda Olie explained exactly how to achieve the best outdoor newborn shoot.

The Mii-Estilo fashion show also offered a very useful opportunity to appreciate their different dresses, their colours and how their fabrics fall. Ollie with Love was completely sold out and many photographers returned home with loads of photo backgrounds and beautiful props.

Quite a number of things will change in 2017 as to make things ‘Bigger and Better’. Speakers are from all over the world, so all of their presentations will be in English instead of Dutch only. We will have a new luxury venue with top-class catering. This to ensure that you will not have to miss out on anything during the day. This day is only available to a limited number of people, so don't wait too long and make sure you buy your ticket in time. 

True aficionados can extend their Newbornplaza experience by attending a master class by their favorite photographer the next day (at an additional cost). Available places are limited so be quick!